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In March 2021, "BlackCarbon" was founded (then known as WINR. Lifestyle) as a collective that bridged the gap between the worlds of motorsport and fashion. Later that year, initial collections were created and received enthusiastic responses. After the first samples of various designs, the idea was finally transformed into reality. The concept and vision were there, but the right shape had yet to be found.

MARCH 2021




After a year of shaping our idea, we realized that the name "WINR. Lifestyle" no longer aligned with our vision, style, and designs. Therefore, a decision was made for a name change, enabling the collective to grow. And voilà, BlackCarbon was born. 'Black' represents the asphalt and rubber on the track, and 'Carbon' signifies the lightness and strength of the Carbon material and the mindset of a winner, ultimately complemented by the speed and control of the "Chevron Arrow," which became the symbol of our brand.

REST OF 2022


"In 2022, we continued our journey to share our vision with the world. Several racers sharing similar ideals joined our vision, including Aiden Neate, Oliver Gray, Sabina Reace, and Alex Dune. BlackCarbon evolved further into a brand."



At the beginning of 2023, we took a brief pause to contemplate the future of the brand. Is this what we stand for? Is this the direction we want to pursue? The answer was yes. Three months later, we brought to life our very first collection (Chapter 1), and by early 2024, we launched our second collection (Chapter 2) along with the opening of our website. The vision persisted.



Our ambitions are clear: to become the largest autosport-related fashion brand in the world. Not merely a brand, but primarily a way for people to express their mindset, lifestyle, and passion. It's not only a sport; it's a lifestyle.